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Mark in today’s New York Times Frequent Flier column

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009 by Mark

I LOVE flying. Maybe that’s because I go into it with the expectation that
I’m going to be delayed. Once I get through security, I go to the bar, ask
for a wine, order some death-defying foods and then do some work, until my
flight arrives.

Martin Luther King

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009 by Mark

From birth, we are all told the things we cannot or should not do.
Interesting, but these warnings, of sort, often come before and with greater vehemence, then the advice on what we can and should aspire to.

Too Much Happiness

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009 by Mark

We are all in search of rewards and awards. Money, fame, power, honor, recognition.

Some admit it more readily than others. Some find the need to camouflage it.

But the quest is universal.

The Thing About Beauty

Thursday, March 13th, 2008 by Mark

In the enchanting Robert Redford film, A River Runs Through It, a minister father advises one of his young sons to take back a homework report he wrote and “cut it in half.”
When the boy, eager to have his studies behind him so he can take to the Montana spring and fly fish, returns [...]

Rich Is A Religion

Thursday, February 28th, 2008 by Mark

Okay, so the nation is stuck in the quicksand of a subprime crisis, millions are driving away from their split levels, banks are hemorrhaging red ink, the battered stock market is teetering on a free fall, and President Obama’s first day as Commander-in-Chief will be focused on declaring war on [...]

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