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NACDS Trade Show With The Face Of Youth

The Face Of Youth Trade Show Display
Last week, MSCO client The Face of Youth, made its trade show debut at the NACDS Total Store Expo in Denver, Colorado. This annual show brings together CEOs, presidents, owners and senior executives and category buyers from the pharmaceutical industry and retail drugstores so they can explore the hottest upcoming products, technologies and concepts in their field, including, of course, The Face of Youth.

As part of our trade show strategy, we set up a small product display, backdrop and a TV which played The Face Of Youth’s video explaining how to use the product (starring our own designer, Ligia Barao). MSCO Vice President Tommy Jay, attended the show with our client to ensure that we capitalized on every opportunity with targeted product buyers from retailers such as CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid and more.

In addition to the show itself, we also participated in their highly acclaimed “Meet the Market” program. This is open to new exhibitors and past exhibitors with new products and services and gave us access to appointments with key retail buyers through a series of 10-minute pre-set meetings before the exhibit hall opened.

We’re still in the initial stages of launching The Face Of Youth. In fact, we’re still producing the molds for the product. Most of the buyers we talked with expressed interest in the product, noting it’s like nothing they’ve ever seen before in terms of beauty aids. We do have our work cut out for us, however, as we bring this product to market. Luckily, we have a fully integrated marketing strategy ready to go once we have some produced.

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Westchester Marketing Expert Quoted Again

Our very own Mark Stevens, CEO of MSCO and our local Westchester marketing expert, has been featured in yet another article. The media often looks to successful industry professionals to draw conclusions for their work, and Mark is often called upon for his expertise. 

This time, our Westchester marketing expert was mentioned in a great article from The Network Journal. Ann Brown wrote a thought provoking piece entitled ‘Point to Flaws: Why Sometimes You Need to Criticize Your Industry.

Brown quotes Stevens in order to answer the question posed in the article’s title. “Absolutely, you should criticize your own industry. That is, of course, when you believe your industry is aborting or failing to fulfill it’s true mission,”  Stevens says.

Brown also draws insights from another professional, Michael Bremmer, CEO of, to support Stevens’ position. “You’re going to barbecue a few sacred cows, and people won’t like it…so you might lose a few lunch invites…but the ones you’ll get because you speak out will be even better,” Bremmer points out.

“Of course you will be subjected to push back, anger and resentment that can border on the emotional. That’s because if you are truly affected you are not so much a critic as a disrupter. You may be forcing people to come out of their comfort zone and behave in a different matter,” says Stevens.

As always, our Westchester marketing expert is highly opinionated. You can view the article in its entirety here. Or, to hear more about how Mark views the world, check out his blog on LinkedIn.
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Company Outing at Citi Field

A marketing and advertising agency is arguably one of the most fast-paced, exciting companies you could work for. Each Account Executive and Designer at MSCO handles a long list of clients which all have a long list of needs of their own. Hard work is one of the core pillars that MSCO was founded on. With that being said, we still know when it’s time to relax and have fun. It’s important, for company culture (and the sanity of its employees), to spend time with coworkers in a relaxed and casual environment. That’s exactly why we decided to attend a Mets baseball game for our summer company outing.

Last Thursday, we took the afternoon off for some much-deserved company bonding time. After fighting our way through heavy NY traffic, we were welcomed by the beautiful sound of the National Anthem and the familiar smell of hot dogs and fried dough. We watched as the New York Mets absolutely stomped the Colorado Rockies in a landslide, 12-3, game. We ate more food than we should have, had a couple of drinks, and cheered along with fellow Mets fans. Overall, it was a great company outing and a much needed break from our everyday work lives.

Patrick Johnson, Annie Dunning, Jade Goodman, Ligia Barao, Lauren Wagenaar, Tommy Jay, Matt Carlsen, Jon Soniker

Patrick Johnson, Annie Dunning, Jade Goodman, Ligia Barao, Lauren Wagenaar, Tommy Jay, Matt Carlsen, Jon Soniker

Now we are, of course, back in the office and as busy as ever. You can expect to see more about our clients, office adventures, and possibly even another company outing. Or you can take a look at Mark’s personal Linked In blog here.

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SEO Management Tips For Your New Website

SEO Management: More Than Just A Game
This is something we see a lot, due to the sheer volume of websites we design and oversee every year. In fact, the number one request for many of our clients is SEO management. They come to us because they can’t be found on Google, which can be a problem if you have a business that gets customers or leads as a result of people looking for your service (eg: every business ever). Even beyond URLs, Google has become the starting point for many a search for a service. Therefore, you really have to be found there to be found at all.

Is SEO management a strategy you should pursue for your business? Ultimately, it’s going to depend on how you want to get people to your business. But almost certainly yes, it is. Here are a few ways you can help Google find your website through SEO management that you can work on yourself.

Inbound Links

A major ranking factor when it comes to SEO management is how much of an authority your website is on a certain topic. Search engines determine authority based on several things. One important ranking factor is how many other websites link to pages on yours. The robots that crawl for search engines (not literal robots…yet) use this as a proxy to determine how valuable your website content is. 

New links to your website indicate authority. The more of these you can build from relevant sources, the better your website will be. It will also help with traffic, which is another major ranking factor. Don’t forget to keep link relevancy and domain authority in mind when building links. If you get a link from a completely off-topic website, it can actually hurt your SEO. Building high quality links from relevant websites will go a long way to fortifying your website at the top of search listings.

Fresh Content

Blog articles and other new content can go a long way to sustaining SEO management success. Every time you add a new page, post or feature to your website, it shows a search engine that you are constantly evolving, providing new relevant information and staying on top of trends. Plus, it gives you another opportunity to inject keywords into your website. Those are very important if you want to be found for a particular product or service.

Post anything your heart desires, so long as it contains the right keywords and stays true to what you do as a business. As people share these new articles, it helps to build links to that content as well. This helps out with the first tip, so don’t neglect the power of new website content. Plus, as we’ll see, that added traffic to your link will also provide a lot of SEO value.

PPC Advertising

Just because you’re focusing on increasing your organic rankings doesn’t mean you can’t help them along with a paid boost. While Google denies it up and down, using PPC advertising (pay-per-click) on a search engine will increase your ranking somewhat. We’ve seen it happen for our clients time and time again. Why? It all comes back to traffic.

For example, if you bid on keywords related to your business’ goods and services, people will click on those ads during relevant searches. This becomes traffic to your website, which increases your relevance for those keywords. That then influences the algorithm to value your website more for those same searches, increasing your SEO ranking. It seems counterintuitive, but you really can leverage paid media to increase your ranking.

SEO Management: In Conclusion

SEO management doesn’t have to be mind-bogglingly difficult. If you have a relevant, modern website and you take care of it as you would a garden, you should see some positive search rankings. Simple things like updating it regularly as you would water plants, or sharing it with the community will help you reap a harvest of increased traffic and rankings. As more and more people find their next purchase online, this is only going to grow in importance. Of course, you might need some help maintaining your SEO presence. 

Reasons you may want to consult with a professional firm to help you out with SEO management include identifying crucial but underserved keywords, building a content strategy, finding relevant links and managing paid media. Proper SEO management does involve a lot of moving parts being manipulated over the course of a long time, more than I can go into detail in this simple post. But the important thing is you can take steps to help the process along.

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Mark Stevens on Republican Debate

Mark Stevens, CEO of our New York marketing and management firm, was recently interviewed by Tom Ensey of Raycom Media. The topic up for discussion was tonight’s Republican debate. Those of you that know Mark or follow his LinkedIn blog know that he is very opinionated about a lot of things. Donald Trump’s run for presidency is no exception.

Mark and Ensey had a great conversation about Mark’s view on the situation. When it comes to tonight’s Republican debate, Mark doesn’t think that Trump is going to blow everybody away like some people are expecting because of the short response time allotted to each candidate.

Mark believes that Trump absolutely wants to be president and has no ulterior motive, endgame or backup plan. “He thinks that it would be fun to be president,” Mark is quoted. “He thinks it would be a great capstone to a brilliant career, as John Kerry did, as Mitt Romney did. It would be fun to govern the first 100 days, and that’s all they ever think about. There’s a long list of things you can have fun doing with the raw power of the President of the United States. He wants Air Force One, he wants the White House.”

Trump is definitely a force to be reckoned with. He is, as Mark says, not a clown; he’s a serious contender who should be taken seriously. This is due, in part, to Trump’s marketing (which doesn’t suck, according to Mark Stevens, author of bestselling Your Marketing Sucks). He is one of the world’s best salesmen. Mark refers to him as “a natural whose marketing skills are innate, who does not contrive words, who acts and speaks spontaneously, who is not trying to model himself after Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, or Bill Clinton. He has no ties at all to the political establishment.”

Mark thinks that Donald Trump is staying true to himself and doing what he’s always done. He’s running for president the same way that he sold his buildings. And Mark isn’t surprised that he’s leading the polls.

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