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Making Sense of Internet Marketing Services in 2015

The Internet Marketing Services Tree of Wonder
This post about internet marketing services is a few months late. Or early. Or perfectly timed. It’s hard to tell since the playing field shifts every day. Still, in the fast paced world of internet and social media marketing, you have to try and get your bearings every now and then to see what’s valuable, what’s worthless and what’s underrated. 

How do you make sense of the dozens of options when it comes to internet marketing? Experience. We’ve tried many different approaches for hundreds of clients over the years, all with different results, that have formulated our approach to internet marketing services. Testing digital media is really the only way you can come back with any valid conclusions on how effective they can be.

And who knows? In a few weeks this post might even be outdated. But for now, here’s a look at some of the ways we suggest, manage and track internet marketing services for our clients.

Facebook Advertising

If you’ve been on the internet at any point since 2008, you probably know what Facebook is. But behind all the memes, food pictures and cat videos there’s a wonderful world available to marketers. This isn’t your older brother’s social media advertising. Facebook has really developed into a robust platform for a lot of our clients. And that begins with the ad targeting capabilities.

When you update your profile or post something or share a link on Facebook, that becomes a piece of data their algorithms can use to classify you as an ad target. With all the information people have given to Facebook over the years, they can offer pinpoint targeting to different demographics, ages, professions, interests, purchase intents, household makeup, income, marital status and even more. Whatever target you can dream up as a marketing professional, you can find that person through Facebook advertising.

The power of Facebook doesn’t end there. Their advertising units are also novel. When you do Facebook advertising right, your ad appears in your customer’s news feed, the place where all the information from friends is aggregated. For many people, this is where they spend most of their time on the internet. You can’t reach this person any other way. Plus, when they’re scrolling through their feed, they’re receptive to new content. If you as an advertiser have valuable content to share with this person, they’ll be receptive to your ad. We’ve seen it work exactly like this for our client Dream Wheels Classic Cars, driving multiple clients each day. Their ads even have dozens of “likes” on them. When was the last time someone liked your ads?

Google AdWords

Every time you perform a Google search, there are two kinds of results that populate. The first is organic search results, essentially what the robots at Google think you want when you type in your search terms. Getting to the top of this list takes what experts call SEO, or search engine optimization, and it can take a long time with a lot of work. But there’s a way to cut that in half: pay to have your results appear first. That’s how AdWords works.

AdWords is an auction on search terms where advertisers bid on how much each click is worth to them. The highest bidder gets to the top of search results when someone searches for that term. (I should say that it’s based on a “Quality Score” that takes many things into account including relevancy; high bids are just part of the equation, but an important part.) These are marked as ads, but still get a lot of traffic. You only pay when someone clicks the ad, and internet marketing experts like us can get bargain rates on those clicks.

When you do it right, AdWords can be one of the most effective ways of introducing people to your brand. That’s why our account team has gone the extra lengths to become Google Partner certified, meaning our agency has met certain criteria for performance and education that make us fluent in AdWords. Having done that, we’ve seen excellent results on lead generation campaigns recently, finding the most affordable search terms that yield the best results. This is definitely something you want to consider when looking at internet marketing services.

Digital Remarketing Ads

Ever go to a website and then see ads for that website on other websites as you continue browsing? There’s a name for that. It’s called “remarketing” and it’s one of the most effective forms of digital advertising. Basically, remarketing works by using a tracking cookie to continue serving ads once a customer navigates away from a client’s website. 

One of the things we like about these internet marketing services is how it puts your brand everywhere. The customer may have heard a radio ad about you or found your business some other way like a trade show and gone to your website for more information. Undecided on your value, they go elsewhere on the internet. Then they see your ads on a website like Yahoo or Huffington Post and suddenly you’re much more credible. 

Another advantage is how following your prospective customer around with ads doesn’t let them forget about the problem. One remarketing campaign we did for Rug Renovating followed people who visited certain pages on their website with a message that their rugs aren’t getting any cleaner. We experienced a higher click through rate (percentage of people who click on an ad) than with any other service we tried. Putting that immediacy front and center, nagging them if you will, led to more conversions. And since remarketing is one of the more affordable internet marketing services we manage, it’s a smart decision for many clients.

Which Internet Marketing Services Are Right For You?

The fact is, our approach evolves every day. As we get new information, data and results, we optimize for the best outcomes for the lowest cost. That’s what smart marketing is about, digital or traditional. It might make sense for your business to avoid all three of the above listed internet marketing services and go in a completely different direction. We have clients like that. It all depends on what your business’ growth goals are.

Furthermore, these are just three of the more popular and effective internet marketing services we’re using right now, but as new technologies develop and new platforms become widely available, we can add or subtract from this list and refine our approach. But as of right now in 2015, these three tools have produced excellent results for many of our clients. But ask me again this time next year and you might get a completely different answer. Read More

Marketing Expert Delivers Keynote Presentation

Our very own marketing expert, Mark Stevens, has been asked to give a keynote presentation at the Crowne Plaza Hotel tonight. The presentation will last approximately 20 minutes and will give the audience a closer look at How to Market and Grow Your Business. As you may have guessed, Mark is an amazing public speaker. With his ability to relate to virtually anyone and his undeniable passion for the topics that he discusses, Mark can adapt to essentially any audience.

Another marketing expert that will be speaking this evening is Eric Messer of Sunrise Building & Remodeling in Briarcliff. Like Mark, he has been characterized as being very bullish when it comes to marketing and PR. He will be discussing some of the biggest benefits of utilizing marketing and advertising tactics in your business.

Stacey Cohen of PR and marketing firm, Co-Communications in Mount Kisco, NY will be the final marketing expert presenting this evening. She will be discussing her expertise in public relations and how/why it is so important for businesses.

After the audience has heard from the panel, they will be given the opportunity to ask their own questions in a Q&A session.  The speaking portion of the program is expected to last about an hour, with a hospitality hour for networking and dinner beforehand.

It’s always an honor to be recognized as a marketing expert by the community that we serve. Being invited to give these presentations is something that we don’t take for granted. It’s a chance to teach our peers a little bit about the industry that we have dedicated our lives to.

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New Radio Campaign for MSCO

MSCO is launching a new radio campaign this year. As you may have guessed, we have always been open to trying new things, especially when it comes to our own advertising techniques and strategies. By testing new ideas out ourselves, we have a much better understanding of what may and may not work for our clients.

This year, we have decided to become a major advertiser on WOR during the Mets baseball games for the month of April. Since most of us at MSCO are sports fans, you can imagine how excited we are about this new radio campaign! This is huge news for us because we are the only marketing sponsor on the radio. Beyond that, this is actually the first time that we have bought live sports advertising.

Starting on Monday, April 6th, you will be able to hear us all throughout April on WOR 710. You can even listen live on iHeart Radio (click here for the link!). Our new radio campaign will feature several spots during each weekday game. If you’re listening to the New York Mets radio broadcasts, it’ll be hard to miss us!

We will, of course, keep you updated on the effects of our new radio campaign. We’re expecting to get a lot of new and exciting clients from this campaign. Check back here throughout April to see for yourself!

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Stevan Lynn Featured on Geraldo Rivera Show

MSCO Client Stevan Lynn, founder of Deeds Driven Dads and director of the Fatherhood Training Center in the Bronx, contributed his unique perspective to the ongoing debate about the role of the family in society last week during an appearance on the Geraldo Rivera radio show on WABC. 

An outspoken critic of fathers abandoning families, Geraldo Rivera has long been condemning fathers who shirk their responsibilities and pointing to their absence in the home as one of the primary reasons families fall apart and children grow into less savory members of society. This is what made Stevan such a good guest to have on the show, as his Fatherhood Training Center seeks to bring dads back into the family through deeds, not words.

Audio clip from the show

To listen to the full episode, visit Geraldo’s radio show website. Again, the date of the show was 3/13/15. And for more on Stevan and the important work he’s doing in the South Bronx, you can visit his website as well. Read More

Help Us Welcome Our Newest Team Member!

Yesterday, our team celebrated St. Patrick’s Day by wearing green and eating my delicious grasshopper cookies.

MSCO Team Wearing Green

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from MSCO! From left to right: Patrick, Jade, and Tommy

But Saint Patrick isn’t the only Patrick we’ve been celebrating recently. Our newest graphic designer, Patrick Johnson has been with us since the beginning of March. Even though he’s only been here for a couple weeks, he’s already making a name for himself. He’s taken the lead on multiple new clients and has delivered a lot of great work. From fantastic website designs to outstanding new logos, he’s certainly living up to our expectations.

Patrick graduated from Western Connecticut State University with a Bachelors degree in graphic design. This is where he developed the skills needed to succeed in this fast paced and ever-changing environment known as the marketing/advertising industry.

Beyond his schooling, he’s also had years of professional experience as a graphic designer. With work for established companies as well as freelance jobs, he’s no stranger to the pressure of meeting a client’s demands. Just before joining our team, he was a Graphic Designer/Illustrator for Whole Foods Market. There, he had a hand in everything from creating in store graphics to doing their notorious chalkboard drawings.

Outside of the office, Patrick is just as interesting. He can often be found hiking and exploring the beautiful Hudson Valley. He’s also very passionate about music. He aims to see as much live music as his brain (and wallet, for that matter) can handle.

We’re excited to watch Patrick grow with the MSCO family and can’t wait to see everything that he can accomplish.

Connect with Patrick on LinkedIn.

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