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OnPath Webinar Led by Mark Stevens

Yesterday, MSCO CEO Mark Stevens is leading a webinar discussion in a partnership with OnPath titled You’re Fired: 10 Reasons Why You Won’t Make Your Sales Numbers. As the author of books like Your Management Sucks and God is a Salesman, Mark makes the ideal speaker to help motivate sellers to achieve their full potential.

OnPath is an award-winning B2B lead generation company that understands the complexities of selling to businesses. Some of their clients include Google, Yellow Pages, IBM and American Express. They regularly host these web series and you can have a look at the webinar archive here.

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Ligia Barao Joins MSCO Design Team

Our creative services team got a little stronger with the addition of multitalented designer Ligia Barao.

Originally from Brazil, Ligia’s strength lies in her ability to use space efficiently and effectively. She will be a major asset for website design, advertising, branding and business collateral creation. In fact, some of her early work has been very well received by a multitude of MSCO clients, including Rhodes Associates.

Here’s hoping Ligia will be an important part of the MSCO team for years to come. Connect with her on LinkedIn or have a look at her professional portfolio website and you’ll see why Ligia’s talents were hard to pass up.

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Mark Stevens Weighs in on Redskins Controversy

In the latest news from, which provides the daily scoop for media and communications professionals, MSCO CEO Mark Stevens gives his opinion on the recent trademark ruling regarding the Washington Redskins team name.

In the article, Mark goes against the consensus by saying that Dan Snyder needs to go on the offensive and stop playing defense regarding the topic, citing the myriad of other quasi offensive team sports names. There’s a slippery slope that we don’t want to start down, or at least try to slow as goes the argument.

What do you think? Should the name change or should Snyder stick to his guns like Mark says? Read the article here and weigh in with your opinion in the comments.

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MSCO Hosts Vistage International

Yesterday, MSCO and Mark Stevens hosted the first meeting of Vistage International’s Westchester County chapter, the executive networking and idea sharing group with hundreds of chapters around the globe.

One of the highlights of this event was the presentation of MSCO’s proprietary marketing methodology. Overall, the meeting was well attended by executives from businesses of all sizes and left everyone with a great impression. Let’s hope this is the start of something big in Westchester.


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The Myths Of The Workplace

Workplace MythsOver the years, an industry of workplace gurus have developed a set of so-called rules and would be best practices designed to guide us all in managing our business/our teams–and ultimately achieving our goals.

Virtually all of this is nonsense, dreamed up by tenured academics who have never set foot in the free market environment they purport to advise us on. The B schools we are told to respect and admire are, for the most part, Myth Mills.

So let’s take on some of the super-sized myths one at a time:

Leaders should never make major decisions without “buy-in” from their teams.

This is a) patently absurd and b)impossible to accomplish. Inviting input from team members is clearly a positive move but “buy-in” means that a majority or more have to agree on a course of action. That is management by committee and there has never been a well-run anything governed by committees.

And even more to the point, a strong leader who stakes out strategies and then has the will to see them through, even when the entire team thinks it is folly, well, that’s how you get an Amazon and an Apple.

Seniority counts in compensation and decision-making.

Now why would that be? In a pure meritocracy or as close to that ideal as we can get, performance must always trump age, tenure, gender, ethnicity. Here the Wall Street model works best: where a talented 20-something can earn $10 million plus per year. Make it happen, reap the rewards.

Employees want to live balanced lives.

Huh? What is a balanced life? A certain number of hours on and off the job? Ridiculous! People want to live thrilling and passionate lives. Companies/leaders who can generate this kind of magic, watch the balanced life businesses in their rear-view mirrors.

The truth is, conventional wisdom is virtually guaranteed to lead you down the path of conventional failure or mediocrity. It’s your business. Your team. Your responsibility.

Close the book on Harvard B School and make your own kind of innovation to drive growth.

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