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What's the Buzz on Carl Icahn? Ask Mark Stevens

Twenty-billion dollar man Carl Icahn has been in the news a lot recently. Whether it be about Oshkosh or Dell or Apple, the man knows how to work the Market.

Buzzfeed journalist Mariah Summers did just that in her latest article about Icahn, which goes into what happens to companies that don’t take Carl’s advice. MSCO CEO and author of King Icahn: Biography of a Renegade Capitalist Mark Stevens is quoted talking about Icahn’s effect on share value in relation to how he works saying:

“[Shareholders] have benefited overall, because he’s been the rising tide that lifted all boats,” said Mark Stevens, CEO of marketing consultancy MSCO, who wrote a 1993 biography of Icahn after shadowing him for months. “Shareholders tend to benefit in tandem, so when he walked away enriched, so did the shareholders.”

This comes in advance of the rerelease of King Icahn scheduled for this summer with an updated and expanded look at how the renegade capitalist has fared in the last two decades since the book’s initial release. Look for more news about that at the MSCO Scoop as it develops.

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