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Your Marketing Sucks 10th Anniversary Edition Released

YMS_10thanniversarycoverBusinessweek bestseller and breakthrough hit for Mark Stevens Your Marketing Sucks has been updated and rereleased with new content. This 10th Anniversary Edition delves into the making of a viral brand, along with a short story on the reception of the book 10 years ago.

We can’t believe it’s been that long since YMS came out. But when you look back, it’s amazing how much has changed since then. Think about media ten years ago:

  • There was no Facebook or Twitter
  • The most popular mobile phone was the RAZR
  • Internet connections were still majority dial-up
  • Friends and Survivor were top rated TV shows
  • The iPod was a major new technology
  • An “app” ran on a computer
  • Every major metro area had a daily newspaper
  • “Tablet” was another word for a pill

Look at how far we’ve come! But much has stayed the same, which makes YMS 10 a relevant gut-punch to the flashy marketer not focused on results.

Get the latest version of YMS here.

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