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The Curse of the Hopeless Romantic

Even Hamsters Are Romantic! Photo from evilcharlesIs actually a blessing. Why? For a zillion reasons but let’s look at one of those reasons with a billion implications. All positive. All life affirming. All for the greater good of the romantics and the world they inhabit.

More CEOs have graduated from Princeton than any other school. And guess what, this grand dame of the Ivy League doesn’t have a business school nor will it permit undergrads to major in business. That may be because it offers virtually no business courses.

So how does it cultivate CEOs? Because it germinates romantics. By this, I mean young men and women who read poetry, contemplate art, study architecture, drink too much, read Catcher In The Rye 100 times. They are the dreamers. They are the ones who come up with every earth-changing idea in the world. Hold on. Zig zag. I just happened to see an interview with opera legend Luciano Pavarotti who died recently. I am not an opera fan and knew little about him. And then I see and hear him talk about life, love and success and I, who think of myself as a romantic, see the real thing and I feel like an aluminum siding salesman next to this Italian giant. He ruled opera, yes, but he could have taken Dell to the next level when the founder stepped back. One reason the PC maker has been slumping is that its PC

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  1. td ∣ October 4th / 2007 at 3:51 pm

    I love you. Everything you write is so on point. I’m emailing ‘The Curse of the Hopeless Romantic’ to all my friends who get it. Thanks for making my day.

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