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Ligia Barao

Creatives Rejoice Over New MSCO Game Table

Game Table

Last week, the MSCO staff got the well deserved present of a game table. Right on the main floor, this three-in-one table serves as a central gathering place for us to unwind and spend a little bonding time over non-client work. Also, the relaxing atmosphere such a game table lends to the office allows our creative team to come up with stronger strategies. That’s why you have forward thinking companies like Apple and Google provide these amenities to their employees.

Above, that’s me losing badly to our new designer Ligia while playing ping pong. Absent from her resume was her career as a semi pro your ping pong star, apparently. I’m still undefeated in billiards though.

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Ligia Barao Joins MSCO Design Team

Our creative services team got a little stronger with the addition of multitalented designer Ligia Barao.

Originally from Brazil, Ligia’s strength lies in her ability to use space efficiently and effectively. She will be a major asset for website design, advertising, branding and business collateral creation. In fact, some of her early work has been very well received by a multitude of MSCO clients, including Rhodes Associates.

Here’s hoping Ligia will be an important part of the MSCO team for years to come. Connect with her on LinkedIn or have a look at her professional portfolio website and you’ll see why Ligia’s talents were hard to pass up.

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