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Tommy Jay

Creatives Rejoice Over New MSCO Game Table

Game Table

Last week, the MSCO staff got the well deserved present of a game table. Right on the main floor, this three-in-one table serves as a central gathering place for us to unwind and spend a little bonding time over non-client work. Also, the relaxing atmosphere such a game table lends to the office allows our creative team to come up with stronger strategies. That’s why you have forward thinking companies like Apple and Google provide these amenities to their employees.

Above, that’s me losing badly to our new designer Ligia while playing ping pong. Absent from her resume was her career as a semi pro your ping pong star, apparently. I’m still undefeated in billiards though.

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Heatwave Commercial to Air This Week

The filming has finally paid off. Heatwave is going to market with its shiny new commercial this week in lower Westchester on a variety of cable networks, including USA, TBS, TNT and much more. So, if you live in or around White Plains, Scarsdale, Elmsford or Tarrytown, be on the lookout for Heatwave’s commercial starring Tommy Jay and his lovely wife Victoria (Hello, dear!). Special thanks also to Long Shot Productions who filmed and produced the spot, as well as Gary and Mary Lynn Dlabola who were so kind as to let us use their home for filming.

The campaign will last for about a month. To go with the TV, MSCO is also engaging a RTB programmatic buying strategy for banner ads targeted directly at those in the area who are watching the commercial. It’s the 1-2 punch that we expect will yield big results.

In case you haven’t seen it or don’t live in the area, here’s a look at the spot:

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MSCO Gets Its First Look #ThroughGlass

This week, the staff at MSCO got a new tech toy to play with. We’ve become the latest Explorers for the Google Glass pilot program. If you haven’t heard of it, Glass is essentially a voice activated smartphone you can wear on your face. We happen to think it’s the future of communications technology, even though the interface needs some work and the frames do look kind of odd.

Having a look at a technological development like Glass before it hits the market helps us keep ahead of potential trends and stay in front of consumers. That’s how we deliver successful campaigns. So it’s important to we take advantage of these opportunities when they present themselves.

Now, have a look behind the scenes at MSCO with this Google Glass tour of the office, guided by yours truly.

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Behind the Scenes at the Heatwave Commercial Shoot

Commercial Shoot for Heatwave Pest Control

Coming to a cable TV channel near you, HeatWave Pest Control! Yesterday, MSCO had the privilege of working with them to shoot their first TV commercial. The spot expounds on the benefits of their heat treatment for removing bedbugs from your home, said to be a safer alternative to harsh chemicals. Heatwave also makes use of canine detection to sniff out bedbugs where they live, something also highlighted in the spot.

In producing the spot, MSCO worked with Lisa Marie Latino of the venerable Long Shot Productions. We’re looking forward to seeing the end result of her direction and vision, and 5 hours of footage condensed into a :30 second spot. (more…)

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