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Distinctive Offices Painted as Interior Experts

Score another hit for MSCO’s public relations team! Professional contracting magazine inPAINT’s summer issue features an article quoting MSCO client Distinctive Offices’ CEO and founder Richard Colucci as he talks about the right time to renovate commercial space. Here’s an excerpt:

“The ideal time for business owners to consider a design transformation of their office space is prior to an approaching lease renewal,” Colucci adds. “This is the perfect time to transform an entire office space—from carpet to paint—without the hassle of [a] move.”

Great job, guys! Read the entire article here.

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Distinctive Offices Partners with WeWork in NYC

As part of our business development outreach, office space rental company WeWork is working on a partnership with MSCO client Distinctive Offices. The start up company that leases tens of thousands of square feet of office space in New York City alone would do well to work with a partner like Distinctive Offices in keeping their space looking like new.

WeWork is expanding across the nation and globe, with ten locations in New York City as well as additional offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston and London, among other places. Companies like Uber, Rackspace and Zipcar use their services. Their trendy look and feel needs to be maintained regularly in order to keep their competitive advantage. That’s why we think Distinctive Offices is the perfect partner as they expand in the market. Kudos to Rob Soniker for brokering the deal. The details of the agreement are still being worked out, but it is a huge opportunity made possible through the branding and business development effort of MSCO.

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