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Equestrian Equities

MSCO Bringing Racehorses to the Masses

Our newest client, horse partnership company 5R Stables, has the ability to make dreams come true. Remember when you were a kid and all you wanted was a pony? 5R offers the adult version of this dream – thoroughbred racehorses. Simply buy a whole or fractional share of a horse, and you can watch it transform into a racing legend.

We’re hard at work on a campaign to bring this client, rebranded as Equestrian Equities, into the limelight. We’ll start by revamping their web presence through a captivating landing page and taking over their social media accounts. We’ll also be reaching out to specific audiences through a targeted direct mail campaign. With such a strong and unique client, things will only move up from here. We’re excited to see where we can take this.

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