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New Business

Mid Month New Client Roundup

Two new clients begin work with MSCO today, marking the start of two new marketing relationships as we seek to position each client for the best success in their industry.

Teams of Distinction (formerly People NRG) is an executive coaching firm with Swiss roots that helps build teams and keep companies of all sizes moving forward. We’ve refocused their brand starting with a basic question: Do you really have a team? When you really look at it (and we’re developing ways for managers and CEOs to do just that), most “teams” are simply groups of people that can’t get on the same page and don’t like each other very much. Teams of Distinction helps companies make a u-turn from one of these “teams of extinction” into a Team of Distinction, hence the name. For them, we’ll be playing up some of their Swiss heritage as it relates to precision and this new methodology at industry events, through the Society of Human Resource Management and in other marketing.

Also starting with MSCO is At Home Senior Care, a home-based senior aid service. We’ve refreshed their branding and are working on their marketing materials to give them a stronger presence in their industry. Other marketing and advertising will undoubtedly follow.

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Pair of New Clients Join MSCO

With a reputation for building businesses of all sizes, MSCO often has an eclectic group of clients in industries ranging from athletics to insurance. This week, MSCO welcomed two new dynamic clients into the fold looking to grow their business with our marketing help:

Law Offices of Alan J Pickel – This Stamford based personal injury lawyer looks to MSCO in order to help him define a market niche and provide him with a great deal of exposure through advertising, both traditional and digital. We anticipate  success in streamlining his marketing and focusing his appeal like a laser on a particular client need.

Compensation Refunds – This B2B client comes to MSCO to help him pitch his services to businesses overpaying on insurance, particularly workers’ compensation benefits. By negotiating the complexities of insurance bureaucracy and requirements of the law, Compensation Benefits stands to help their clients recoup tens of thousands of dollars in refunds for overpayments. Given a little exposure to the right decision makers, MSCO feels this is an easy sell that could revolutionize the way insurance benefits are calculated industry wide.

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Trio of New Clients Start with MSCO

Last week, MSCO signed on not one, not two, but three new clients. Here’s a breakdown:

1. Executive search firm Odyssey Search Associates has engaged MSCO to rebrand and reintroduce them to the private banking industry. We plan to redevelop their website, manage their social media and reach out to decision makers on their behave through direct mail and trade conferences. Have a look at the new brand here.

2. Conferencing For Less will work with MSCO to create a campaign targeting law offices, the clients in most need of their services. CFL’s expertise in servicing law firms and their ability to offer law firms a simple client billing system set them apart from any competitor. We even hint that law firms can turn their client conference calls into profit centers.

3. The Law Offices of John Amorison will be executing a bankruptcy targeted campaign with the help of MSCO. Our objective will be to build and promote the firm as an expert in bankruptcy law and educate the public on the strategic use of the bankruptcy laws in order to protect and benefit them.

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