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Rug Renovating

Rug Renovating Market Research Survey

Got a minute? Need a quick break? We need your help! Please take this very brief survey (only 10 questions) to help our client Rug Renovating better serve their customers and anybody who has rugs or carpeting in the Tri-State Area. Thank you!

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Partnership Forged Between Tweeds and Rug Renovating

In what has become standard practice around here, MSCO has brokered a business development deal between Tweeds Dry Cleaning and Rug Renovating, two of our clients. In the partnership, Rug Renovating becomes Tweeds’ official carpet and upholstery cleaning specialist. In return, Tweeds receives royalties for every customer sent to Rug Renovating for cleaning services. The companies are working together on an internet marketing campaign touting the new deal. Here’s the website for customers interested in the dual services, made possible by the collaboration through MSCO.

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