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Behind the Scenes at the Heatwave Commercial Shoot

Commercial Shoot for Heatwave Pest Control

Coming to a cable TV channel near you, HeatWave Pest Control! Yesterday, MSCO had the privilege of working with them to shoot their first TV commercial. The spot expounds on the benefits of their heat treatment for removing bedbugs from your home, said to be a safer alternative to harsh chemicals. Heatwave also makes use of canine detection to sniff out bedbugs where they live, something also highlighted in the spot.

In producing the spot, MSCO worked with Lisa Marie Latino of the venerable Long Shot Productions. We’re looking forward to seeing the end result of her direction and vision, and 5 hours of footage condensed into a :30 second spot.

Heatwave’s commercial is scheduled to start running May 1st on a variety of female-focused networks in Cablevision’s Elmsford zone. If it proves successful, expect it to be rolled out throughout the Tri-State.

Not only that, but none other than yours truly Tommy Jay stars as the husband who finds discovers the problem. (Thank you also to my wonderful fiancee Victoria Cameron for appearing along side me in the spot). Once we have a demo reel, you can be sure I’ll post it right here on The Scoop @ MSCO. How else can I expect to get my big break?

A special thanks goes out to Gary and Mary Lynn Dlabola for allowing us to shoot our commercial in their beautiful home.  No bedbugs were left behind. We promise!

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