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Mark Stevens

Published In Leadership Excellence Essentials

CEO and found of MSCO, Mark Stevens’ voice has been featured countless publications over the years. This time, the December issue of Leadership Excellence Essentials has published one of Mark’s thought-provoking articles.

The published article, entitled Loners At Heart, is about how great leaders are often loners in disguise. Mark claims, “Even more than that, they prefer to be by themselves and ironically, it is this isolationist part of their personas that drive their ability to think, innovate and to inspire others.” 

To read more about this and find out the two main epiphanies that Mark believes we can all draw from this, read his article here:

To see the full magazine and articles published from all of the other great influencers included in this month’s magazine, follow this link:

For more of Mark’s articles and unique point-of-view, connect with him on LinkedIn.

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Mark Stevens IRC Global Conference

Last month, we told you that MSCO CEO, Mark Stevens, was invited to give a private guest presentation for the delegates of IRC Global Executive Search Partners.

Mark presented at the IRC Global Annual Conference on October 1st, 2015. Mark’s presentation was about Creating Brand Value which is something that Mark (and MSCO) has a lot of experience with. Mark kept the audience engaged with a few real-life examples of global branding that MSCO has engaged in, including Clarfeld Financial Advisors, Intrawest, Summit International, and Mars Steel Horse Coffee.

Even though this conference was not open to the public, we wanted to give you a glimpse at Mark’s presentation. See below for some images from the IRC Global Conference.

For more Mark, connect with him on LinkedIn!

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Guest Presentation for IRC in October

MSCO’s CEO and Founder, Mark Stevens, has been invited to give a private guest presentation for the delegates of IRC Global Executive Search Partners. Mark will be presenting at the IRC Global Annual Conference on the afternoon of October 1st, 2015. The duration of the speaking engagement is planned to be 30 minutes including a question and answer section. For those of you who know Mark, this may prove to be a little difficult! Once he gets started on something that he’s passionate about, he could literally speak for hours without repeating himself.

The topic of this guest presentation is Creating Brand Value which is something that Mark (and MSCO) has a lot of experience with. Mark will be discussing a few key points to help the audience understand what exactly a brand is and why the brand promise is the most important element of any brand.

Next, Mark will be taking the audience through a few examples of global branding that MSCO has engaged in, including Clarfeld Financial Advisors, Intrawest, Summit International, and Mars Steel Horse Coffee. With each brand, he will explain how we started and where they are today.

Finally, Mark will conclude with some specific information about the IRC brand. He will discuss important questions such as: Is it even a brand? How can IRC better serve its members through branding? He will, of course, answer these questions with his own insights and let the audience know how this can be accomplished.

Being invited to give a guest presentation is a huge honor, and we’re so proud of Mark. His accomplishments open so many doors for MSCO and allow us to grow as a company along with him.

More details about the event: This conference is not open to the public because it is an internal event for the members of IRC. It is the global conference organized for the IRC delegates coming from 45 different countries and 6 continents to share their know-how and best practices. It is also a networking event between delegates and the external guest speakers.

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Audio Book Giveaway

Have you read Mark’s best seller, Your Marketing Sucks? If not, you’re in luck! We’ve teamed up with Goodreads to set up an audio book giveaway. We’re offering 15 lucky entrants their very own copy of the the physical CD audio version of this best selling book.

Have you already read the book? You’re still in luck – audio books make great gifts, especially when they’re as informative and thought-provoking as this one! Click here to enter.

We know Mark Stevens as the CEO and Founder of MSCO, but he’s so much more than that. He’s a popular media commentator on a host of business matters including marketing, branding, management, and sales. He’s known for delivering business insights with blunt truths and unconventional wisdom.

Your Marketing Sucks is chock-full of practical ideas such as:

  • Marketing is not about advertising, public relations, or direct mail. It is about growing the revenues, profit, and valuation of the business.

  • The marketing moratorium. Stop all your marketing for a month and you may be surprised at what happens. Sales have actually risen at some companies, a sure sign that, prior to the moratorium, they were throwing money out the window.

  • Why the worst ads are actually the best. Start paying attention to the genius of the infomercial and cast a very skeptical eye on the kind of ads you see during the Super Bowl.

  • Reverse engineer your marketing so that it starts at the point-of-sale. Because nothing happens unless a sale is made.

  • Employ a swarming offense. Hit customers from every possible angle–print ads, sales displays, e-mails, infomercials.

  • Pick the low-hanging fruit. Cross-sell to clients and customers.

The contest runs from September 14th – September 28th 2015. Fifteen copies will be given away.  Open to U.S. only. Everyone who enters is eligible to win a copy of the Your Marketing Sucks audio book. To see more details and to enter the contest, click here:

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Westchester Marketing Expert Quoted Again

Our very own Mark Stevens, CEO of MSCO and our local Westchester marketing expert, has been featured in yet another article. The media often looks to successful industry professionals to draw conclusions for their work, and Mark is often called upon for his expertise. 

This time, our Westchester marketing expert was mentioned in a great article from The Network Journal. Ann Brown wrote a thought provoking piece entitled ‘Point to Flaws: Why Sometimes You Need to Criticize Your Industry.

Brown quotes Stevens in order to answer the question posed in the article’s title. “Absolutely, you should criticize your own industry. That is, of course, when you believe your industry is aborting or failing to fulfill it’s true mission,”  Stevens says.

Brown also draws insights from another professional, Michael Bremmer, CEO of, to support Stevens’ position. “You’re going to barbecue a few sacred cows, and people won’t like it…so you might lose a few lunch invites…but the ones you’ll get because you speak out will be even better,” Bremmer points out.

“Of course you will be subjected to push back, anger and resentment that can border on the emotional. That’s because if you are truly affected you are not so much a critic as a disrupter. You may be forcing people to come out of their comfort zone and behave in a different matter,” says Stevens.

As always, our Westchester marketing expert is highly opinionated. You can view the article in its entirety here. Or, to hear more about how Mark views the world, check out his blog on LinkedIn.
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