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Expert Marketing Insights on Nationwide Commercial

More than one hundred million people were drawn to the screen for the Super Bowl on Sunday. Sure, most people actually tuned in for the sports, but who doesn’t love the expert marketing insights that come from some of the most highly anticipated advertising of the year? I know I’m not the only one that watches solely for the commercials.

This year, it was Nationwide that surprised us with an ad that we just can’t stop talking about. The commercial begins innocently enough, with an adorable young boy talking about some things that he won’t ever do in life like ride a bike or learn to fly. I thought that it was going to take an inspirational turn, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. As soon as he’s done listing the things that he won’t be able to do, he reveals the reason behind it – he died from an accident.

Here’s a link to watch the full ad on YouTube.

The commercial was so shocking and seemed so out of place that we haven’t been able to stop talking about it. Our very own Mark Stevens was called upon by NBC News for his expert marketing insights. He was interviewed shortly after the spot aired and didn’t hold back on his opinions.

“There’s nothing more profound than the death of a child, and there’s nothing more disgusting than the abuse of that subject…” Mark begins his interview. He goes on to give his own expert marketing insights on Nationwide’s controversial Super Bowl commercial.

Wondering what else Mark had to say? Click here to watch the short interview on NBC News.

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Mark Stevens Weighs in on Redskins Controversy

In the latest news from, which provides the daily scoop for media and communications professionals, MSCO CEO Mark Stevens gives his opinion on the recent trademark ruling regarding the Washington Redskins team name.

In the article, Mark goes against the consensus by saying that Dan Snyder needs to go on the offensive and stop playing defense regarding the topic, citing the myriad of other quasi offensive team sports names. There’s a slippery slope that we don’t want to start down, or at least try to slow as goes the argument.

What do you think? Should the name change or should Snyder stick to his guns like Mark says? Read the article here and weigh in with your opinion in the comments.

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King Icahn Returns to Book Shelves

King Icahn CoverThe second of Mark’s books to be rereleased in the past few weeks, King Icahn: Biography of a Renegade Capitalist is now for sale once again on Amazon.

This is the first and only biography of Carl Icahn written with his cooperation, which was a difficult task in and of itself. In the process, however, Mark Stevens really became the number one authority on what makes Carl tick. The story of how the book came to be now prefaces the story of how the man came to be, so don’t miss King Icahn’s new forward.

After that, follow the meteoric rise of one of the wealthiest men in the history of the world, his wins, losses and motivations, all told from his own perspective. Having been out of print for over a decade, MSCO anticipates high demand for the tale of this game changing tycoon.


With Carl dominating the headlines recently, you should know a little something about the man behind the $20 billion empire.

Get your copy of King Icahn here.

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Distinctive Offices Partners with WeWork in NYC

As part of our business development outreach, office space rental company WeWork is working on a partnership with MSCO client Distinctive Offices. The start up company that leases tens of thousands of square feet of office space in New York City alone would do well to work with a partner like Distinctive Offices in keeping their space looking like new.

WeWork is expanding across the nation and globe, with ten locations in New York City as well as additional offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston and London, among other places. Companies like Uber, Rackspace and Zipcar use their services. Their trendy look and feel needs to be maintained regularly in order to keep their competitive advantage. That’s why we think Distinctive Offices is the perfect partner as they expand in the market. Kudos to Rob Soniker for brokering the deal. The details of the agreement are still being worked out, but it is a huge opportunity made possible through the branding and business development effort of MSCO.

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Heatwave Commercial to Air This Week

The filming has finally paid off. Heatwave is going to market with its shiny new commercial this week in lower Westchester on a variety of cable networks, including USA, TBS, TNT and much more. So, if you live in or around White Plains, Scarsdale, Elmsford or Tarrytown, be on the lookout for Heatwave’s commercial starring Tommy Jay and his lovely wife Victoria (Hello, dear!). Special thanks also to Long Shot Productions who filmed and produced the spot, as well as Gary and Mary Lynn Dlabola who were so kind as to let us use their home for filming.

The campaign will last for about a month. To go with the TV, MSCO is also engaging a RTB programmatic buying strategy for banner ads targeted directly at those in the area who are watching the commercial. It’s the 1-2 punch that we expect will yield big results.

In case you haven’t seen it or don’t live in the area, here’s a look at the spot:

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