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The Worst Man In America

Sometimes, the power of marketing is a curse. A plague. A near sin.

Why do I say that?

Can you say the words “Harry Reid?”


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Overdosed On Oprah

There is one perfect person in the world. At least that’s the way Ms. Oprah Winfrey sees it every time she looks in the mirror.

What she may not know is that zillions of us are so overdosed on her that the situation is becoming toxic. Perhaps fatal.

I know, I know, Ms. Oprah is a talented woman, a world-class entrepreneur. But she always positions herself as angelic, saintly, a kingmaker, an all knowing, and all encompassing model of perfection.
I wonder if she knows of Ludwig Mies van de Rohe, the iconic architect best known for the minimalist “less is more” style and philosophy. If Winfrey is familiar with Mies, she clearly does not ascribe to his world view. When it comes to Oprah, Ms. Perfect believes that more is clearly more. That our lives are surely incomplete unless we are constantly bombarded by her image, her message, her uber worldly magnificence.


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Failing Rock Group Games The Web

So I think Counting Crows is one of the best bands of the past two decades. No Led Zep but who is or was? At their best, Counting Crows was genuinely good, original, and at times (Recovering The Satellites, Anna Begins) exceptional.

And then they lost the artistic magic or Adam got tired or who knows what but a devoted following sat in disgust listening to Hard Candy, the first Milk Dud by a group of guys who seemed incapable of sinking so low.

Ok, so they had a loser. Everyone is entitled to a bad day now and then and so the devoted waited for the recovery album. And waited. And waited. And nothing…..

Until late last month when the band on the run released Saturday Night and Sunday Morning.

It is a clunker. It is a once seamless band that made magic instinctively now trying too hard. You can hear the hard work. You can hear all the old riffs repeated here.

I think they knew it. I think they recognized this was January compared to August And Everything After.

So what do they do to breathe some life into a wounded bird? They try all kinds of traditional PR, which will drive some heightened anticipation for sure, but it’s sales they want. You can’t take anticipation to the bank.

They know a little secret about the Internet. You can listen to it. You can hear it. So they take the only hook song on the album, You Can’t Count On Me, create a landing page, give you a link to download and viola, digi does what print can’t even touch. (It

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The Most Dangerous Term In Business

The most dangerous term in business

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Mark Stevens on how to

In her article “Be a Better Boss in 2007,” Forbes reporter Hannah Clark asks top management experts and consultants their management resolutions for CEOs in the new year.

A note from Mark: When you’ve got the chance to be quoted in article, don’t blow it by saying something ordinary, predictable, or boring. Being quoted isn’t a time to play it safe; it’s your opportunity to passionately state your unique point of view. In time, you’ll see that doing it any other way is a wasted opportunity.

Below is an excerpt from the article. To read the entire article click here.

Be A Better Boss In 2007
Hannah Clark, 01.07.07, 6:00 AM ET

Also, don’t be afraid to make tough decisions. That may mean firing some of your close associates, says Mark Stevens, CEO of marketing company MSCO, and author of Your Management Sucks. Remember that New Year’s maxim: Out with the old, in with the new. If some of your senior managers are underperforming, share your concerns with board members. If they agree with your assessment, warn your lieutenants that they need to shape up or ship out. The world is changing, and slow-moving companies can no longer compete.Do you have comments on the article? Make them below!

Your Management Sucks -- Book By Mark StevensYour Marketing Sucks -- Book By Mark Stevens

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