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MSCO is now a Bing Ads Certified Agency! We want to congratulate Greg Carpiniello on his new Bing Ads certification! Way to go Greg!! Woohoo!!! 
You will now see this badge on the bottom of our site, indicating that we are now a Bing Certified Agency.
If you see Greg, please congratulate him and give him a high five.
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Why Macy’s Is A Retail Sleeping Pill

Dec 2, 2015

So what is Macy’s anyway? I mean I understand Walmart and Target at one end of the spectrum and Saks and Neiman Marcus on the other, but Macy’s is a mystery.

I walk into a Macy’s and what do I find:

*A boring predictable environment

*Plain vanilla products it feels as if I can buy much cheaper and faster on-line

*Sales reps who seem to be sleepwalking, dreaming of escaping the monotony all around them

Most of all, I think of what Bloomingdale’s legendary former CEO once told me: “Great retailing isn’t retailing, per se, it’s show business.” If Bloomies was once the epicenter of retail entertainment, to me Macy’s is an Ambien.

I have nothing against Macy’s personally but as a businessman, the place bothers me for a primary reason that applies to other entities of its ilk.

That is, Macy’s was once a great and imaginative retailer. It’s holiday windows were stunning. Movies were made about it. Great products often enjoyed their debuts at Macy’s. The company has gone through a series of managerial and financial gyrations over the years, that’s true, but as a consumer, I don’t care about that. I want to walk into a store from a tiny New York surfing boutique to a California Walmart and be excited about the deals, the bargains, the unique goods, the imaginative environments. At Macy’s, for me: nada.

And then there is online. I find it vastly more exciting, pleasant and economical
to browse Amazon, Mr. Porter and than to visit a Macy’s or to be bored to tears by its site.

There are thousands of issues swirling all over this issue, this Macy’s thing, but to me none more important to the marketer I am that no business should ever lose its magic, its joy, its ability to thrill, its unique qualities and quirks. Others may find it all at Macy’s: I don’t see a hint of it.

It’s just too damn easy to fade into the black hole of boredom.

Written by:
Mark Stevens 
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Happy Thanksgiving!

We just wanted to take a moment to wish you a happy Thanksgiving.

We’re all so thankful that we get to do what we love. Every day, we have the chance to make a huge difference in our clients’ lives. Sure, sometimes we end up spending hours working on the best way to phrase a simple paragraph or tweaking a design so that it’s just right, but we wouldn’t change it for the world because we know that it makes the difference.

We’re also thankful for the amazing clients that we get to work with. Working in a marketing firm like ours, we see everything from standard services to crazy products (and everything in between!). We’re constantly learning and growing from our wide variety of clients. I find myself becoming an expert in things that I didn’t even know existed before I began working here.

Finally, we are thankful for the wonderful team that we have here at MSCO. We’re actually more like a family than a team. I, personally, know that there are days that would be nearly impossible to get through without my MSCO family, so for that, I am very thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving from MSCO! We hope you enjoy the time spent with your loved ones this season.

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New MSCO Clients!

We have been extremely busy these past few weeks, thanks, in part, to some of these great new MSCO clients that we are now working with.

Click through to their current sites to see where they started, and stay tuned for more information on these clients and more!

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TV And Radio Advertising for TF Andrew

Assisting with TV and radio advertising for one of our clients is exciting for all of us on the team here at MSCO. Our client, TF Andrew, a tri-state leader in luxury flooring options for over 30 years, is launching a major cable network television campaign. This campaign is running in conjunction with Carpet One retailers. They are offering huge discounts on popular brands with their enticing Don’t Do It Yourself sale. Check out the fun spot on our YouTube channel here.

Cablevision and Verizon FiOS customers in Westchester County should keep an eye out for the spot over the next few weeks. The commercial will air on USA, HGTV, Comedy Central, AMC, CNN and News 12, among other networks.

And if that isn’t big enough news for you, they’re also launching a new radio campaign this month. By utilizing both TV and radio advertising, they’re sure to see some major results in the upcoming weeks. MSCO will, of course, be there to help track and analyze all of the leads that come from all of our TV and radio advertising efforts.

This will be TF Andrew’s very first time working with 100.7 WHUD, the Hudson Valley’s leading radio station. We are all anxious to see how well TF performs on this station. This month’s commercials will be focusing on the Don’t Do It Yourself campaign, as seen in the commercial above. Next month, the focus will shift to a home improvement contest that we’re working on. We’ll keep you updated on the details for that as they develop. Head over to TF Andrew’s blog to listed to this month’s radio spot, and let us know what you think in the comments below!

We absolutely love seeing our clients succeed. It’s times like this, when we’re simultaneously working on both TV and radio advertising for one of our clients, that we know we’re making a difference to their business.

For more information on TF Andrew, click through to their website. Check back here for updates on all of our clients.

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