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New Clients Join Our NY Marketing Firm

Since our last new client round up, three clients have joined our NY marketing firm family. We are, as always, excited to work with these great new brands. Every client opens the door to a whole world of possibilities, not only for the brand but for MSCO, as well. With each new client, we are able to expand our creativity and offerings to best fit their needs.

Interstate Fire & Safety Equipment Co. Inc. has been a leader in fire protection since 1951. It’s always a pleasure to work with well-established brands, especially when they’re as esteemed as Interstate Fire. For over 50 years, they have been providing the area with fire protection equipment and services, public fire safety awareness campaigns, and fire code compliance programs.
MSCO plans on taking Interstate Fire to the next level. We see a huge opportunity in commercial and residential building complexes. With our new campaign, we are going to be highlighting all of the additional benefits that Interstate Fire includes as standard practice. The fact that Interstate Fire goes far beyond standard, all the way to exceptional is a huge selling point, and we, as a creative NY marketing firm, can’t wait to do great things for this client.

Dynamic Strategies is an information technology company from New Jersey. They came to us for a much needed brand redefining. After our initial meeting with Dynamic Strategies, one thing was clear: they needed a better way to represent everything that they do. To start with, they need a new name and a comprehensive offering of their services. We will be planning that new branding along with new website development, streamlining their service offering, turning them into the a small to mid size business resource and advertising them in the tri state area.

The Kayak Fishing Store, a store that specializes in the sport of kayak fishing, is now an MSCO client. We are excited to take on such a unique client that is surely going to push our creativity to new heights. For this client, we are refreshing the brand with new creatives, a new web presence, new messaging, and a precisely targeted campaign. The Kayak Fishing Store will be keeping its name, but MSCO has come up with an amazing new name for the sport of kayak fishing. Stayed tuned for more details on this!

As you can see, we have certainly been keeping busy, even though the holidays are quickly approaching, and things don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon!

Click on the links below for more information on our three newest clients and take note of what they look like before we’ve had a chance to work with them. Change is definitely coming!

Interstate Fire & Safety Equipment Co. Inc.
Dynamic Strategies
The Kayak Fishing Store

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Marketing Consulting Services Are Just The Beginning

Many of you may be familiar with MSCO as a firm that provides top-notch marketing consulting services.
But did you know that our CEO, Mark Stevens, also writes blog posts covering everything from personal, life advice to career related wisdom in addition to his unique insights on our marketing consulting services?

Last week, he wrote an article The Day My Car Caught Fire, So Did My Career 
which details the events of a Thanksgiving he had when he was in his twenties. As you may have guessed by the title, he didn’t have a traditional turkey dinner that night. This article touches on both personal and business related news. Mark has learned so much through the years, and I, for one, feel lucky that he’s willing to share it with us. With over 13,000 views already, I can’t be the only one that feels this way.

Mark has been posting on LinkedIn for a while and has covered almost every topic you can imagine. People from all over the world are taking his advice to heart, and he’s seen a lot of success. He has, in fact, written one of the most viewed post in the history of LinkedIn with his article Why You Must Lie On Job Interviews And What You Must Lie AboutThis post skyrocketed almost immediately. Now, sitting at just under 800,000 views, the post is still getting attention. If you haven’t read any of Mark’s articles, I suggest you start with this one! It’s a perfect example of the kind of writing and opinions that makes Mark (and MSCO) so unique and honest.

If you want to connect with Mark or take a look through his other LinkedIn posts, click the LinkedIn icon below. You’re sure to find something that catches your attention and makes you think.

Mark Stevens, CEO of Marketing Consulting Services Firm MSCO, LinkedIn
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Mark Stevens Weighs in on Redskins Controversy

In the latest news from, which provides the daily scoop for media and communications professionals, MSCO CEO Mark Stevens gives his opinion on the recent trademark ruling regarding the Washington Redskins team name.

In the article, Mark goes against the consensus by saying that Dan Snyder needs to go on the offensive and stop playing defense regarding the topic, citing the myriad of other quasi offensive team sports names. There’s a slippery slope that we don’t want to start down, or at least try to slow as goes the argument.

What do you think? Should the name change or should Snyder stick to his guns like Mark says? Read the article here and weigh in with your opinion in the comments.

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Mark in today's New York Times Frequent Flier column

Check out Mark Stevens in today’s New York Times Frequent Flier column:
You Can’t Judge a Seatmate by His Foot-Stomping
Published: November 2, 2009

“I LOVE flying. Maybe that’s because I go into it with the expectation that
I’m going to be delayed. Once I get through security, I go to the bar, ask
for a wine, order some death-defying foods and then do some work, until my
flight arrives.”

Read the complete article here!

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Martin Luther King

From birth, we are all told the things we cannot or should not do.

Interesting, but these warnings, of sort, often come before and with greater vehemence, then the advice on what we can and should aspire to.

Let’s take one we’ve all grown up with: “Don’t do anything you’ll come to regret.”

When you think about it, that really means “don’t do anything at all.” It is, intentional or not, paralyzing. Whenever we take a chance in life, we run the risk of failing. Of losing face, money, stature, customers, popularity. Those who can’t face that kind of risk, live in the safe zone. They took that childhood caveat about the things we cannot or should not do and allowed it to dictate the terms of their lives.

They may never have the thrill of achievement, but they are safe, or so they think. I’ll return to that illusion in a moment. But first, let’s do a 180 and contemplate Martin Luther King.

We all know he had a dream and that he succeeded in turning the dream into reality. He did not achieve all that he hoped for but he was truly transformative. What gets lost about his story, is that he carried a nation on his back to bring his dream to life.

Young people who did not live in the era of King do not realize how far outside of the safety zone he ventured. They don’t understand–and you can’t glean this from textbooks or news archives alone–how he did it with German shepherds biting at his feet, water hoses driving into his body, redneck mobs taunting and beating his marchers. .

Even more so, King knew that in pursuit of his dream, he was walking headlong into an assassin’s bullet. It was an ugly time in America, with hatred and violence pouring into the streets. For most, it was a time to stay inside and lock the doors.

King would have none of that. Safety was not his holy grail.

In my lifetime, I have witnessed and had the rewards of knowing and working with famous and exceptional people. But Martin Luther King was the bravest and the one who accomplished the most magnificent feat.

King knew that there is nothing more powerful than a human being armed with a dream and willing to do something he or she may pay a staggering price for. And he knew that safety is a figment of the imagination.

Whenever we are tempted to play it safe, to avoid risk, to be driven by consensus, all we really do is expose ourselves to a far graver threat than loss of face, money, stature, popularity and even life.

We fail to accomplish anything of importance.

Mark Stevens


Images courtesy: 1, 2.

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