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Chasing Cars–Revisited

Chasing Cars--RevisitedThe first time I wrote about this song it was a smash hit from a still unknown band. A true reflection of the artistic power of a three minute piece of music that flies round the world at the speed of love.

I was in a different place. Another universe. Wondering what it meant. Wanting it to mean what I romanticized about the lyrics. The story. The lovers. The cars.

A 757 would roar away from JFK and I would plug the song into my brain and dream the dreams I wanted to dream. I would count possibilities. I would see no limitations. I would wonder if I could float up to the spirit of the song and join it in mid flight.

Then years went by and I lost touch with Snow Patrol and their haunting car dreams. Were they a one hit wonder? Was I the only hostage to their music? Had time stood still? Was Einstein right? Had I traveled past my own place and time?

And then a few weeks ago on a trip to Anguilla, I noticed Snow Patrol’s Greatest Hits album on Amazon and listened to Cars for the first time in nearly a decade. But there was more. So much more. The unknown band had created a true body of work that will live on — for decades, perhaps more. And there is a true power at work here.

When we create art in our lives — in our work — we do something magnificent. In a daily grind of checklists of activities, those who take time to turn cars into clouds, into angels, gain a certain kind of blissful and gorgeous immortality.

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  1. Ivan Widjaya ∣ March 18th / 2014 at 9:47 pm

    Wow that was immensely touching. It is simply too hard to survive without art. That is why you should always look for something that you can create in your life everyday. This somehow inspires me to free up time to start doing what I love to do.

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