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Everyone Looks Great From A Distance

671987_62828473It’s all so classic: we see someone across a room and a spark is lit. We are charmed, thrilled, smitten.

It’s a fact and a metaphor for so much that happens in life, in and out of business. The object of our dreams — the one who waltzes across the room –can be a potential lover, a business partner, a potential employee.

Because we are driven to act when we “fall in love,” a relationship ensues. And in most cases, it begins with a champagne pop. But so much of life really plays out in a series of concentric circles. As we migrate out from the center, from the Big Bang, we begin to see disturbing signs. At first in our peripheral vision and then increasingly in our cross hairs. As the champagne goes flat and the denial morphs itself into reality, we are left with the memory of that vision across the room and the recognition that everyone looks great from a distance.

And even more important, it’s how they look in the close-up shots that really counts.

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  1. Ivan Widjaya ∣ March 20th / 2014 at 3:03 am

    Those words… Sometimes you don’t really know how it all fits in until you have experienced it. But what matters is how you experience something and not on the results. Presence is primary while results are secondary.

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