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Night Of A Million Days

Few things in life happen by accident.

And most of the great experiences are the by-product of years–if not a lifetime–of thought and planning.

On Saturday, one of my sons got married. An amazing man became one with an extraordinary woman. The ceremony, the blow-out party, the poetry of the night all rushed in and out like a blue sky July perfect day. At once temporal. At once timeless.

The wedding couple viewed it through their own romantic lense, as they should. I viewed it as a father.

When we as people, as men and women, truly invest our love in others, we enrich them, yes but we expand ourselves into an another dimension. We become more important, more substantial, more of everything exceptional than if we are simply focused on our companiesour careersourselves.

When you move through the years of loving, guiding, protecting, mentoring, shielding, adoring, driving your children in particular–and you watch the groom and best manbest friend and brother emerge as dazzling meteors–all that you did together flashes by in a grand and sweeping reflection of lives well lived, blessed by God.

There was school and sports and talks and laughter and learning and triumphs and setbacks and resilience. And it all adds up not to the sum of its parts but to a scene, a wedding, a life, a family with an exponent over it.

It was a night of a million glorious days.

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