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Saint Judy's Comet

In 1973, as the comet Kohoutek was set to flash its brilliance across the earth, songwriter Paul Simon dreamed of seeing its fiery tail in the eyes of his little boy. (YouTube video)

As Simon prepared for the special evening, he sat down to write the most gorgeous thing any parent can do for their child (and all of the world’sN children plus those who adore them): a sweet and timeless lullaby.

On this Father’s Day, as I sit on a sun dappled patio besides my Golden Retriever Sky (who, as my third “son,” I tuck in every night) and await the arrival of the sons I used to read to before bed, I know that the true gift of fatherhood is the amazing beauty that flows from a child’s love like a comet’s tail lighting the evening cosmos.

When my boys were young and we would walk along the summer ski trails on gorgeous Vermont mornings and pick raspberries for their mommy love, there was a fathersons magic that made me want to stop time and keep them by my side, learning life from their adoring dad, forever.  I would watch them play, pick berries, take in the wonder around them while I hummed Simon’s sweet and delicate masterpiece.

Time, as we all know, is a jet stream that never stops, takes us all along faster than we would like to go but– if we enjoy the gift of life God has given us–we take every tick of the clock as an opportunity to move to a new joy…the next adventure.

As this dad has watched his sons move off the ski trails, out of the upstairs bedrooms and into lives and careers of their own, we remain connected every precious day by a love that began in the earliest seconds of their lives and is unbreakable.

And in this stage of my life when the Hobbits, their mom and I raised are being married, building homes, making indelible stamps on the worlds of real estate and finance, I still hum the lullaby of St. Judy’s comet. You can hear me  when I think of the boys who have turned to men– and every morning when I walk the trails of Bedford with Sky looking up at me, eyes caught in wonderment, hunting for berries.

I am a man blessed with sons and every day is this father’s joy.

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