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The Most Amazing Day Of My Life

person-110305_1280I don’t recall if it is was a Tuesday or a Sunday. If it was sunny,cloudy or snowing like the blizzard of the century.

What I do recall is the epiphany that whenever I hit a brick wall I will take a few steps backwards and run through it. Always. No matter how high, well-built or fortified it is.

Until that point–though always a strong and battle-tested person–I would allow myself to be moved along by the ebb and flow of life’s events, big and small. A business setback, a personal disappointment, the failure to achieve a competitive goal: all would leave me wondering “why this happened to me.”

But on that illuminating day, I realized it didn’t “happen to me,” per se, but that it was simply the algorithm of life and that if I recognized something very powerful, I could and would overcome most anything:

“I may not be able to predict the future but I can deal with it when it comes.”

In fact, as this insight marinated in my mind over the years, I came to recognize and adopt another invaluable epiphany:

“When we seek to deal in advance with the traumas that may come hurtling our way, we are wrestling with ourselves, bound up in a hypothetical match that we cannot win. Yes, it is good to scan for the possibilities that can damage our companies, relationships, lives in advance –playing out all manner of what-if scenarios– but in the end we need to know that what we prepare for is likely Not what we will face.

Thus the confidence that you can run through any wall prevails!

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  1. Ivan Widjaya ∣ March 18th / 2014 at 9:45 pm

    One of the things I realized in running a business is that it pays to be present. When you’re present, you are able to deal with the problem at hand more efficiently. So instead of being imprisoned by the past or focusing too much on the future, the best path to take is now.

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