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The Nexus Of Gravity And Momentum

Every business deals simultaneously with the forces of gravity and momentum. The winners manage to unleash the latter to prevail over the former.

Let’s explore this more precisely, first on the gravity side. Even for the best of businesses, all of the elements of the universe are constantly and consistently conspiring against it. Competitors. Economic cycles. Evolving trends and technology. And most damaging and dangerous of all, our own complacency.

All of these challenges rain down on your business relentlessly because, unattractive as it sounds, no one wants you to succeed. In fact, an array of daunting forces are aligned to drive your enterprise out of the marketplace, creating a vacuum for others to fill. Business is war and unless you fight with a fusion of wise strategy and hand to hand combat, your company will succumb to the endless and inevitable gravitational pull.

How do we prevent this? By driving the forward momentum with powerful and ever increasing velocity measured and fueled by:

*Continuous innovation

*Forceful and overwhelming marketing

*Team enhancement, replacement and enrichment

*Relentless training

*A monomaniacal drive to raise the bar on the company’s products and


The nexus of gravity and momentum underlines the fact–perhaps reveals it clearly for the first time–that business is a matter of physics. It is not simply a plan, financing, salesmanship and all of the other components of the B-School liturgy.   There is a true, yet mostly unexplored, science to it. And unless the relationship between gravity and momentum is understood and a strategy is developed around it, gravity will prevail.

It is really a metaphor for all of life. When we allow things to simply “take their course,” they decline and ultimately fail, it is inevitable. Unless we are proactive agents for our companies, families, causes and freedoms, the gravity of loss will bring down the goals of success.

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