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What Einstein Knew

Actually, I have hardly any idea of the science Albert knew and even invented.  Sure I understand the broad outlines of relativity, but only in the same way that I have a crude and naïve understanding of how Hendrix turned guitars into chaotic and passionate love affairs.

But I believe that I do know the most important thing Einstein knew: that our world, our universe, our lives–none of it is what it appears to be. Another dimension, perhaps an infinite series of dimensions, exists above and beyond the tangible and linear movie that goes on in front of our small and believing eyes.

The patent clerk who had the greatest epiphany in the history of life put it all in a neat little five character equation and then walked away, leaving the world tilted upside its head:

  • Time bends like a rubber band
  • Speed has limits, and when it reaches the max it turns everything into stone
  • Speed and time are related
  • We can go back in time, providing we can race forward fast enough to catch up with the past

Forget my amateur summary of all of this. If life isn’t what it appears to be when we are in the midst of the show, how do we know:

  • If we are really successful or abysmal failures
  • What love means and whether it can defy the gravity of changing human attraction and superficiality
  • What dreams mean or if they are actually life itself posing as a thing you do while you’re sleeping
  • If our companies are achieving anything beyond our own limited dreams for them
  • Why we let time march on, taking our lives with it–or if there is anything we can do about this. Is there?

Only if we truly accept the fact that what we know pales in comparison to what we haven’t a clue of, then are we fueled up for a life of discovery that is at the same time dangerously unpredictable and wildly exhilarating.

The fact is, the wisest man in history knew that we all know hardly anything at all…and half of it is wrong.

That was his gift to all of us.

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